Pornografie als Wahlkampfthema

Im britischen Wahlkampf wird heftig ausgeteilt und Pornografie instrumentalisiert. Dabei verlieren einige propagandistische Akteure das Augenmaß. Kurz zusammengefasst schürt die katholische Rechte die Angst, dass nach einer linken Machtübernahme alle Jugendlichen in Pornos mitspielen:

Do you know where your 16 year-old is? If the Lib Dems get into power, your son or daughter could be starring in a porn film. Yes, that’s right: the party of nice MrClegg is actually the party of choice for dirty old men. It seems anyone over 16 should be allowed to watch “Naughty Nurses’ Lesbo Love”, and even act in it. The story – which has been unearthed from 2004 – is so gross, you want to laugh. Except that it won’t be so funny if it means our children will get sucked into the shady, sordid world of pornographers.

On Mumsnet some angry mothers are calling for the Lib Dems to review this sick policy. Better still: let everyone who is considering casting a vote for the Lib Dems review their position, given what this party stands for.

Quelle: Telegraph